"This is what Democracy looks like" - Egypt in revolt

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This is an historic moment for the Middle East and the world. This is what real democracy looks like. The US government is on the verge of losing a tremendous amount of control over the Middle-East. Hosni Mubarak's regime is the second largest recipient of US foreign aid, to the tune of $1.6 Billion per year, second only to Israel.

"This is what democracy looks like"
President Obama just issued a statement calling for Mubarak to take seriously the Egyptian people's demands for political and social change. Yet he maintained the US government's strong support for their ally, Mubarak. The Egyptian people are demanding Mubarak step down NOW, not for a political process he oversees that will grant some reforms, but leaves the regime intact. Obama was talking out of both sides of his mouth when he says he supports the democratic demands of the Egyptian people, but also wants to see a DICTATOR continue to control the country.

People should really check out the demonstrations occurring across the US at many Egyptian consulates and embassies. The Egyptian community here in Seattle is organizing a rally tomorrow, Saturday:

The Egyptian community in the Seattle area will be organizing a peaceful demonstration this Saturday “In solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Egypt.” Organizers say they are calling on “all peace- and justice-loving people” in the Seattle area to show support for people in Egypt who are protesting the economic and political repression.

When: SATURDAY, January 29th 12:00-3:30 pm
Where: WestLake Park, 4th and Pine in Downtown Seattle  
Facebook event here