Happy New Year - We're back to organizing

Welcome back, let's get down to some organizing...

This Quarter we'll be meeting in Savery Hall Room 155
Wed 1/5 7pm

1. Post-Holiday news roundup: (50 minutes)
Talking politics with your family over the holidays can be frustrating -- recuperate with the socialists! Come discuss all that has happened in the world while we were all on break-- wikileaks, the UN Climate Summit, the UK protests and Brittan's School for Struggle and anything else in the news you'd like to talk about. 

2. Fundraising discussion (40 min)
We'll follow up on our last fundraising discussion from before the break (we're contributing to  the Center for Economic Research and Social Change which publishes Haymarket books and the International Socialist Review.) We'll follow up on the brainstorm with  some concrete proposals around a goal and fundraising activities to meet that goal.

3. Leadership Vote
We'll vote on new leadership for the new Quarter.

Next Wed:
Capitalism in Crisis: The Case for Socialism
Come hear from a panel of UW students who are involved with the ISO about why they consider themselves Socialists, what organizing on campus is like, what they think the future holds, and how we can organize to use the vast resources of society to meet needs of humanity and the planet. Come with your ideas and questions about socialism and organizing with the ISO -- there will be lots of time for discussion.