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The powers that be have media outlets to tell their side of the story. We need ours.

SocialistWorker.org aims to be a place to find news, analysis and commentary from the left. SocialistWorker.org began as the online version of the weekly Socialist Worker newspaper, founded in 1977 and published by the International Socialist Organization. As a newspaper and now a daily Web site, Socialist Worker has been committed to giving a voice to those struggling for a better world.

We welcome contributions to our Labor News and Activist News sections--and to the ongoing discussions in our Readers' Views department.

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We believe that activists need to take ideas, history, and politics into the many struggles for social justice today. Learning the lessons of past victories, as well as defeats, can arm a new generation of fighters for a better world. As Karl Marx said, “The philosophers have merely interpreted the world; the point however is to change it.”