Olympia Solidarity rally with Wisconsin videos

*Updated* with new video below

Here are some great videos of the speak-out that occurred inside the Washington State capitol building Saturday during the rally in solidarity with Wisconsin public sector workers. Very powerful and moving speeches. A more detailed report will be posted shortly. Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2


2/26: Rally in Olympia - National Day of Solidarity with Wisconsin

The Seattle ISO will be traveling to Olympia tomorrow for the National Day of Solidarity with Wisconsin.

Rallies have been called at every state capitol for a major show of national solidarity to say:

  • Stop Union Busting: No Cuts to Jobs or Benefits; Yes to Collective Bargaining
  • Workers Rights, Not Corporate Rights
  • Tax the Rich and Corporate Profits - Pay All Workers a Living Wage
  • No Cuts in the Social Safety Net (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid)
  • Stop Foreclosures Now 
Please join us, RSVP to the facebook event here

IF YOU HAVE A CAR AND CAN DRIVE please let us know, we need help getting all the interested folks to Olympia. Please call Chris at 206-302-9835 or email chrislmobley@gmail.com


Opinion: Time to show our Power

Time to show our power

Workers in Wisconsin took the first steps. Now it's up to people around the country to raise their sights and start organizing the struggles that will challenge the politicians' anti-worker, pro-corporate agenda--and bring the spirit of Madison to cities across the U.S.
Wisconsin's capitol building packed with demonstrators against Gov. Scott Walker's anti-labor attack (Molly Glasgow)Wisconsin's capitol building packed with demonstrators against Gov. Scott Walker's anti-labor attack (Molly Glasgow)
THE BATTLE for Wisconsin's future has come to a crossroads--and the movement that has electrified the country with its opposition to Gov. Scott Walker's anti-labor assault needs to step up the fight to win.
Last week, the capitol building in downtown Madison took on the spirit and feel of Cairo's Tahrir Square as growing numbers of workers and students, first from Madison and then from around the state and the country, occupied the building and took over the grounds around it.
Their determined spirit--and action--pressured Senate Democrats to boycott a session where Walker and the Republicans were ready to ram through a proposal that would effectively cut state workers' wages by 5 to 7 percent and cripple public-sector unions by virtually destroying collective bargaining.
This week, though, Republicans are vowing not to make any concessions, and Walker recruited enough police from around the state to push protesters out of sections of the capitol building. Senate Democrats are still boycotting the session, denying Republicans the quorum they need to conduct most business. But the movement against Walker's anti-union assault needs to regain the initiative.

Friday 2/25: Mohammed Omer, Gaza journalist

Mohammed Omer is a citizen of Rafah refugee camp in Gaza. In 2008, he received the Gellhorn prize as the “Voice of the Voiceless” Returning to his homeland after receiving the reward, he was severely beaten. Courageously recovering while completing his graduate studies, Mohammed recently received an MA in International Political Economy and Development.

Please join us to hear this inspiring man.
Friday, February 25, 7 PM
Friends Meeting House, University District
4001—9th Avenue N.E., Seattle

Presented by Voices of Palestine and co-presented by:

American Friends Service Committee,
Mideast Focus Ministry of Saint Mark's Cathedral
The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice
International Socialist Organization
And more to come.... 


2/17: Activists from Egypt, Tunisia & Palestine Speak Out!

Ben Ali and Mubarak Out!

What next for the Revolts in the Arab World?

Thursday 2/17
7pm University of Washington

In less than a month not just the Arab world, but the entire globe has been rocked by the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. U.S. backed dictators of multiple decades in both countries have been driven out by the power of millions of people protesting. They have shown the whole world what a determined and courageous mass mobilization can accomplish, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Emboldened by their victory the next phase of the struggle has begun. Will democratic governments be set up? What role will the military play? Will economic policies be changed so people have the right to jobs, cheap food, and independent unions? Can we build a movement in the U.S. to force the government to stop the $2 billion in annual military aid to Egypt? How will these revolutions affect the Palestinian people? These and many other questions will be discussed and debated. Celebrate the victories of the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions and join this panel of activists from the Middle East in a discussion about the wave of revolution sweeping the Middle East and what lies ahead.

Featured Speakers (more speakers To Be Announced soon)
Tarek Dawoud - Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)-Washington*
Tarek Dawoud is a student of Quran, a husband, a father, a software engineer and a computer nerd. Originally from Egypt, Tarek has been living in the Northwest for the past 10 years. He has been a speaker and presenter about Islam for the past 9 and is a founding member of the Islamic Speakers’ Bureau of Seattle. He is currently the president of CAIR-Washington.

Amin Odeh - Voices of Palestine*
AMIN ODEH was born in a refugee camp near Bethlehem in Occupied Palestine. He was detained many times by the Israeli army and spent months in Israeli military prisons. After coming to the U.S he continued to advocate on behalf of the Palestinian people. In the year 2000 he and other Palestinian activists founded the group Voices of Palestine. The group’s main objective is to educate the public about the Palestinian struggle for freedom and Justice. Amin is also a board member with the Arab American Community Coalition in Seattle.

Zied Mhirsi - Live from Tunisia via Skype
Zied Mhisi is a Tunisian medical doctor and holds a master's degree in public health from the American University of Beirut. He graduated from the UW school of Public Health and Community Medicine and was in Tunisia during its recent revolution. Mr. Mhisi will join us via Skype to share his first hand account of the Tunisian revolution.

*organizations listed for affiliation purposes only

Sponsored by the UW International Socialist Organization, Student Anarchist Study Group, Antechamber Collective, Voices of Palestine, and Seattle Solidarity Network
To co-sponsor please contact info@seattleiso.org or 206-612-6137



Emergency Rally - 9am Seattle Courthouse

In a phenomenal slap in the face the prosecutor has decided NOT to charge office Birk in the murder of woodcarver John T. Williams
Seattle activists are organizing to win justice for police shooting victim John T. Williams (Chris Mobley | SW)

Emergency Rally
9am, Wednesday 2/16
Courthouse 401 5th Ave\

For more on the Williams shooting and ensuing Police inquest


2/9: US Out of the Middle East! A History of US Support for Dictator in Egypt & Beyond

Wed. at 7pm, UW
 Savery Hall  Room 155

AN UNPRECEDENTED POPULAR REVOLT HAS GRIPPED THE ARAB WORLD. US political leaders now claim to be in support of the movements for democracy in these countries. Yet for years they backed these same dictators to the hilt. Egypt alone received an average of $2 billion per year in military aid over the past three decades of Mubarak’s rule, making it the second largest recipient of US aid in the world after Israel. Even after millions of Egyptians took to the streets, our country has failed to cut off this aid.

Come to this forum to learn more about Washington’s spotty record of supporting democracy and discuss how we can organize to support the people of the Middle East fighting for real democratic control free of US interference

Read more: Nicole Colson and Alan Maass report on how Hosni Mubarak has been able to rely on support from the U.S. government to maintain his iron grip on power. END U.S. SUPPORT FOR EGYPT'S DICTATORSHIP and Eric Ruder on Egypt, Israel, and the U.S.: From Nasserism to collaboration


Video: Egypt, Imperialism, & Wikileaks

Michael Schwartz considers possible US strategies to co-opt Egypt's struggle for authentic democracy and America's need for fundamental change.

Part 1 of a 5 part series of videos of this Al Awda and ISO event on the topics of Egypt, the true aims of US foreign policy, and the secrets revealed by Wikileaks. Moderated by Jennifer Roesch, at Barnard College February 5, 2011

Watch the rest of the panel on wearemany.org: 

Part 2 -- Adaner Usmani


Rally for Egypt & Party with the Left!

Rally in Seattle in Support of People of Egypt

Saturday, February 5
Westlake Plaza
(4th & Pine in downtown Seattle)

Calling all Peace and Justice loving people of the Seattle area: Come show your support to your brothers and sisters in Egypt in protesting the economic and political oppression

Our objectives are:

1. To inform our people in Egypt that, even though we cannot be physically present to stand alongside them, we fully support them.

2. To raise awareness about what is happening in Egypt amongst people living in the United States.

And this Friday night, come make signs for the rally and drink a toast to the people of Egypt as we 
Fight the Right PARTY with the Left! 
This Friday 2/4
 8pm onward...

Come celebrate the ongoing uprisings spreading across the Middle East!! There will be Music (Dance?!?), Drinks, and Casual Political Discussion with UW and Seattle socialists and friends.
4045 7th ave NE, #3
RSVP on facebook
$5-10 suggested donation. Fundraiser to support the Seattle ISO.


2/2: Revolution in Egypt & UW activism

In light of the amazing events in Egypt - we've changed the topic of this week's political discussion. We'll postpone discussing the ISR article Interpretations of the Economic Crisis and focus this week on Egypt instead. We'll be back in Savery this week, room 155 at 7pm

1) Political Discussion: Revolution in Egypt(40 min)
2011 will be remembered as the year of revolution in the Arab world---just as 1917 is remembered for the Russian Revolution, or 1979 for the Iranian Revolution. More dictators are falling to popular revolt in less than a month than have fallen in the Middle East in 30 years. 

The implications for the world are tremendous---from the position of U.S. Imperialism and its ally the State of Israel and other threatened dictatorships, to the flow of oil, to the use of modern communication in revolution, to the renewed confidence of masses of people in their own power to overthrow dictatorships and win democracy. We need to learn from and understand these revolutions! We need to figure out their lessons for our movements here. We need to discuss how we can build solidarity with these popular revolutions.

Please join us for a lively discussion on these important questions! We will focus especially on the revolution in Egypt, the most populous and strategically important country in the Middle East.

World Solidarity Protests

Coverage of some of the protests that occurred in cities all over the world (including Seattle) to show support and solidarity with the Egyptians fighting for freedom.

2) Campus Organizing
  • Campus update (40 min)
    We'll discuss how things have been going with the campus folks so far, and plans going forward.

  • Upcoming public forums (30 min)
    We're attempting to plan our big forums further ahead. To that end, the branch will ideally vote on our next 3 public forums, one more this quarter, and two in the next quarter. The dates would be: March 2, April 27 and May 25.

    Some ideas are:
    • A Panel on the Middle East that would include Ron Smith who traveled recently to Gaza, and hopefully also eyewitnesses from the revolts in Egypt or elsewhere. We could also include David Barsamian, the award winning founder and director of Alternative Radio and author of many book son the middle east on this panel or perhaps bring him out for a separate event sometime in Spring quarter.

    • A panel on the criminal (in)justice system. There are profs at UW who would be good to speak, folks from the John T Williams organizing, maybe Michelle Alexander, etc.
    • A panel on the attacks against public sector workers and how to defend them.
    Please bring your preferences, ideas and proposals!