2/26: Rally in Olympia - National Day of Solidarity with Wisconsin

The Seattle ISO will be traveling to Olympia tomorrow for the National Day of Solidarity with Wisconsin.

Rallies have been called at every state capitol for a major show of national solidarity to say:

  • Stop Union Busting: No Cuts to Jobs or Benefits; Yes to Collective Bargaining
  • Workers Rights, Not Corporate Rights
  • Tax the Rich and Corporate Profits - Pay All Workers a Living Wage
  • No Cuts in the Social Safety Net (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid)
  • Stop Foreclosures Now 
Please join us, RSVP to the facebook event here

IF YOU HAVE A CAR AND CAN DRIVE please let us know, we need help getting all the interested folks to Olympia. Please call Chris at 206-302-9835 or email chrislmobley@gmail.com