3/18 Is the US Headed Towards Socialism?

Wednesday, March 18th, 7:00pm
Seattle Central Comm. College, Room 4115

"We're All Socialists Now" exclaimed a troubled Newsweek Magazine recently, and "Communism" has once again become the tired old rallying cry of the GOP.

From expanding Welfare, unemployment and healthcare to bailing out homeowners and placing salary caps on CEOs, Obama's recent budget proposal and $787 billion stimulus package certainly signals a huge shift in Washington. But do these reforms signal a move towards Socialism in the US? Unfortunately, they do not, but any socialist should welcome the public attention the ideas of Marx are getting! Expanding social services will be a huge relief millions of working and poor Americans, they will leave the role of private corporations unchecked and, according to many liberal economists, Obama's reforms do not go nearly far enough.

Join the ISO for a discussion about where the US economy is headed, what Obama's reforms mean for the future of capitalism and what "Socialism" actually means to the people to who fight FOR it, not against it.


3/14 Panel: Institutionalized Racism & The Struggle for Black Liberation

3pm, Saturday, March 14
Yesler Community Center, 917 E Yesler Way


Tim Harris, Executive Director of Real Change
and leading the campaign against the proposed new city jail.
Check out the recent Socialistworker.org interview with Tim on Seattle's proposed new jail

Gloria Briggs, parent and employee at the African American
Academy, activist in Educators, Students and
Parents for a better Vision of public schools (ESP Vision)

Jesse Hagopian, teacher, activist in Educators, Students and
Parents for a better Vision of public schools and the International Socialist Organization.
Read Jesse's latest article on commondreams.org.

Bonnie Wilson, PTA member and activist in Educators, Students and
Parents for a better Vision of public schools (ESP Vision)

More speakers TBA

Obama's election dealt a historic blow against racism. An African-American has been elected president in a country built on slavery. Yet there are still more Black men in US Prisons than there were slaves in 1840, and over 50 years since Brown vs. Board, the nation's schools are more segregated than ever. Despite this, the city of Seattle is making plans to build a new jail while at the same time it is closing public schools that disproportionately affect minority and low income families.

How can we take advantage of a new era in US politics to organize a challenge to the institutionalized racism which continues to plague our city and nation?

What kind of movement would it take to end racism?

Join us for this urgent discussion on the future
struggle for black liberation in the U.S.

Sponsored by:
Haymarket Books
Seattle International Socialist Organization
Educators, Students and Parents for a Better Vision of Public Schools
Public Health Against Institutionalized Racism at the University of Washington

To endorse this event or for more info, please contact info@seattleiso.org.

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3/11 A New City Jail in Seattle? Socialists Say NO WAY! Join the I-100 Campaign!

Seattle Central Community College, Room 4115

A New City Jail in Seattle? Socialists Say NO WAY!
Join the I-100 Campaign!

The City of Seattle wants to build a new municipal jail that will cost $220 million to build and will drain much-needed money from social services that keep people out of jails (see attached fact sheet). Join the ISO for a discussion about the goals and strategies of the Initiative 100 Campaign to oppose the jail. Also, find out what socialist have to say about the the criminal "justice" system, crime and punishment under capitalism, and what these would look like in a society where everyone's needs are met.


The Dog Eats Its Tail: Oversized Classes, Overpopulated Prisons by JESSE HAGOPIAN

The policy that keeps on failing-- MARLENE MARTIN, national director of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, looks at a study that exposes the consequences of the politicians' "tough on crime" hysteria.

Prisoners of ideology America’s draconian approach to criminal justice is beginning to unravel By PHIL GASPER.

Racism: Apartheid in the United States ISR Editorial

Throwing away the Key: The world's leading jailer By JOAN PARKIN

A victim of Georgia justice

Ruining young lives for profit

A prisoner's tale of abuse