12/1: Organizing Meeting

Welcome back from the holiday - hope your're all stuffed, rested and ready to dive back in!

This week we're having an organizing meeting to organize for next weeks meeting on fighting racism, asses our work on campus this quarter and continue planning for next quarter's activism on campus and off...

1. Assessment of campus activism this quarter  -- our Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx series and last weekend's Case for Socialist Revolution Teach-In -- and discussion of what's next for on campus and city-wide off campus work this winter.

2. Committee breakouts (campus and community) to brainstorm and plan for upcoming work

Next Week: 12/8

From Jim Crow to Jaun Crow a Marxist Case for Fighting Racism

Handcuffed and pinned to the ground, Oscar Grant, an unarmed young Black man, was shot to death by an Oakland police officer Johannes Mehserle on New Year's Day of 2009. Even though the murder was recorded by an onlooker’s cellophane, at his November, 2010 sentencing Mehserle only received a two year jail sentence that will likely be reduced to just 72 days with time served.

The attack on immigrant communities continue to mount as raids and deportations have accelerated passed the levels even under George W. Bush. Anti-immigrant bashing has been most visible with Arizona’s “Juan Crow” laws—like the racial profiling HB 1070 and AZ's banning of ethnic studies programs from the public schools.

While the media hailed the election of Barak Obama as signaling a “post-racial” era in the U.S., people of color are facing jobless rates at twice the level of whites. Meanwhile, we have seen Obama distance himself from any explicit fight against racism while simultaneously witnessing Tea Party right-wingers launch racist attacks against Muslims, immigrants, and African Americans.

It’s time to organize a fight against racism.

Socialists have been at the front of some of the most important struggles against racism in US history—from the Communist Party in the 1930s to the Black Panther Party in the 1960s and 70s. With the economy in crisis, the relationship between race and class is increasing visible and new possibilities exist to rebuild a class struggle for racial justice.

Join the international Socialist Organization to discuss the history of racism in America and develop strategies for fighting against it today. 


11/20: Teach-In: The Case for Socialist Revolution

The Case for
Socialist Revolution 
A Serious Crisis Demands Serious Ideas

Sat Nov 20, 1-7pm
UW Savery Hall
Rm. 264

Join us for a full day of discussion on the topic of mass democratic revolution. Featuring three engaging talks by contemporary Marxists and members of the ISO along with participatory workshop-style discussions.

1pm  Registration
Can the Working Class Change Society?

What Do Socialists Say About the State?
What Kind of Organization Do We Need?
The Theory of the Revolutionary Party

Followed by Dinner at Shultzy's
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Ahmed Shawkiauthor of Black Liberation and Socialism and editor of the International Socialist Review  Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of Marxism and Leela Yellesetty, Seattle ISO member and frequent contributor to socialistworker.org



11/17 Reform or Revolution: Can Capitalism be Fixed?

Wed 11/17 at 7pm
Savery 139

The scale of the Economic and Environmental crises demand swift and deep changes to the social, political and economic system in this country and around the world. 

Many hoped that the Obama administration would begin to fix these problems, but instead politicians have listened to the demands of Wall Street over Main Street. This begs the question: can we rely on politicians to operate with our interests in mind? Can we reform the worst aspects of our economic system to make it more people friendly? Will workers and students ever be given equal representation to corporations and the wealthy? Can we vote into office better politicians, or does the entire political system need to be replaced a more democratic, socialist society? Can reforms struggles today be the building blocks to more systemic changes in the future?

Come Join the UW International Socialist Organization as we discuss why Capitalism ultimately can’t be reformed into a more just, sane society and why the struggle for reforms today can lead to revolutionary changes and a socialist society. 


11/10 Organizing Meeting

Join us this week for an organizing meeting

1. Report back from the National Branch Council -- Post-election perspectives  - 30 mins
Leela will report back from the National Branch Council conference call where Branch Organizers from ISO branches across the country discussed the election results and post-election perspectives for organizing.

Check out socialistworker.org In Depth: National Politics After the Election and join the discussion on the outcomes of the election and what it means for socialists.


Editorial: Standing up against the right

With their pathetic record, the Democrats opened the way for Republicans to do well on November 2. That's why any challenge to the right will have to come from below.
New Yorkers march against the bigots who protested an Islamic community center (Matt Swagler | SW)New Yorkers march against the bigots who protested an Islamic community center (Matt Swagler | SW)
REPUBLICANS ARE trumpeting their big gains in the midterm elections as a mandate to turn the country sharply to the right.
Don't buy it.
The advances for the Republicans aren't the result of their growing popularity with masses of Americans. At least as important was the bitterness of voters toward anyone in office--the Democrats controlled Congress and the White House, so they bore the brunt of the anti-incumbent mood. Another factor: the disillusionment of Democratic voters frustrated by their party's failure to deliver on their promises, which led to a lower turnout by its "base."


11/3: How Capitalism Works & How it Doesn't

A Marxist Primer on the Great Recession 

WED 11/3 7pm
Savery Hall 139

We are facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. But while billions of our tax dollars have been used to bail out the same Wall Street bankers who caused the crisis in the first place, funding for schools and badly needed social services is on the chopping block, while millions are losing their jobs and homes. Capitalism–our current economic and political system–looks out for the profits of the few at the expense of the needs of the many. How does capitalism work, or rather why does it NOT work?

Join the ISO for a discussion on Marxist economics, which explains why exploitation, greed, competition, and economic crisis are at the heart of a system that devastates our lives, and why socialism is the only humane and viable alternative.


11/2: Election Night Watching Party

Gather around the TV with the UW-ISO as we watch election night returns on the national and local election. In person live analysis and discussion of the results (fueled by adult beverages) will be had all evening. 

Will the Republicans take control of congress? Will I-1098 pass here in Washington? What will this all mean the fight for economic, social and political justice in the U.S. and here in Seattle?

Tuesday November 2nd, 7pm

Check out Socialist Worker online for a great analysis on the myths that are being spread by the media about what this election signifies:

The myths they'll spin about Election 2010

SocialistWorker.org examines some of the factors in the election and what they tell us about U.S. politics--inside the Beltway and outside it.
Some light snacks and a small selection of drinks will be provided. Please help by bringing some drinks and snacks if you can.