11/3: How Capitalism Works & How it Doesn't

A Marxist Primer on the Great Recession 

WED 11/3 7pm
Savery Hall 139

We are facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. But while billions of our tax dollars have been used to bail out the same Wall Street bankers who caused the crisis in the first place, funding for schools and badly needed social services is on the chopping block, while millions are losing their jobs and homes. Capitalism–our current economic and political system–looks out for the profits of the few at the expense of the needs of the many. How does capitalism work, or rather why does it NOT work?

Join the ISO for a discussion on Marxist economics, which explains why exploitation, greed, competition, and economic crisis are at the heart of a system that devastates our lives, and why socialism is the only humane and viable alternative.