6/22: The nature of revolutions

Hi all, Just a reminder that this will be our last meeting before the Socialism 2011 Conference in Chicago. We will not have a meeting next Wed June 29 so people can take that last week to relax and focus on reading before we travel to Chicago.

Ok, on to this week's agenda....

1) ISR article Discussion: The Nature of Revolutions (45 min)
We will discuss Duncan Hallas' article from the current International Socialist Review on the The nature of revolutions. It's from a speech delivered in 1998, but incredibly relevant in today's context, looking at revolutions historically and drawing out the implications for revolutionary organization. Should be a great piece to get our wheels turning for discussions at the conference.

2) Socialism Conference Workshop Discussion -- Small group breakouts (45 min)
We'll get into small groups and discuss which workshops we'd like to go and brainstorm things we'd like to read in preparation. Groups can also discuss any ideas/proposals for a session they think the entire branch should attend together.



6/15 Intro to Marxism & Trivia Night!

On June 15 we will not be having a regular branch meeting. Instead, at 7pm in the regular meeting room we'll kick off a Meaning of Marxism discussion series, which will be followed by a Trivia Night Fundraiser at 8pm. 

7pm Meaning of Marxism Study series first meeting
SCCC Room 4115
Are you interested in learning more about the politics of the International Socialist Organization (ISO)? For those that are, the Seattle ISO is organizing a 6-week study group on the ISO's Where We Stand articles and Paul D'Amato's book The Meaning of Marxism. If you're interested in joining the ISO or if you want to get a better grasp on Marxist theory or our political tradition this is the study group for you.
The Meaning of Marxism can be picked up at the first meeting of the study group. Where We Stand articles can be found online Here

Part 1: Socialism, not capitalism
Readings: Meaning of Marxism
  • Intro: The Relevance of Marxism              
  • Chapter 1: From Millenarianism to Marx          
  • Chapter 2: Marx’s Material Method                   
  • Chapter 3: The Marxist View of History 
Where We Stand Articles
    •  A few profiting from the many
    •  To each according to their needs
    •  Standing on the shoulders of giants

Politics, Pop Culture, Sports

Bill’s Off Broadway
725 E Pine St.

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Fundraiser to support Seattle students and activists traveling to the Socialism 2011 Conference in Seattle


6/8: Anti-Deportation campaign & SlutWalk Seattle

Note: As UW wraps up class for the summer break the UW students will join back with the Seattle branch and we will meet as one group through the summer, with the students kicking off ther own group again at the UW in the fall. 

7pm Wed 6/8
SCCC room 4115

1) Stop a deportation! (30 min)
One of our Teachers has a high school student who is currently facing deportation and he wants to fight it. He will becoming to this week's meeting to tell us more about his situation and discuss what we can do. Come out to help kick off an anti-deportation campaign.

2) Seattle SlutWalk  (30 min)

Seattle SlutWalk is happening on June 19, it's an anti-sexist march and rally "to show that, no matter what you're wearing, no one deserves to be raped, assaulted, or harassed" and it's looking to be huge! Liz will give us the rundown on what it's all about, how we can build for it and plans for the day of.

Read coverage & debates about SlutWalk at socialistworker.org:
Challenging Sexism USA
Sparks of a new women's movement
Walking to say we've had enough
Why I won't call myself a "slut"
These are protests against sexism
In defense of SlutWalk protests
The point of the SlutWalk protests
Reviving the fight against sexism

3) Socialism updates (30 min)
Last week we went around the room and discussed who we were inviting to Socialism 2011. This week we'll update each other on how those conversations have been going.

4) Branch Business (20 mins)
We'll vote on where to meet for the summer and discuss other branch business. 

6/11: Radical Book Sale

We'll be selling Radical Books and other Garage Sale sundries this weekend at the Capitol Hill Garage sale

Sat 6/11, 10-3pm
FedRep Park,
(Corner of Federal and Republican on Capitol Hill)

Deeply Discounted Book Prices -- Left wing Literature and Classic Marxist Texts
Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Mike Davis
Anti-war, Anti-racist, US History, Revolutionary History, Marxist Theory and Socailist Pamphlets galore

Fundraiser to support Seattle students and activists traveling to the Socialism 2011 Conference in Seattle