6/8: Anti-Deportation campaign & SlutWalk Seattle

Note: As UW wraps up class for the summer break the UW students will join back with the Seattle branch and we will meet as one group through the summer, with the students kicking off ther own group again at the UW in the fall. 

7pm Wed 6/8
SCCC room 4115

1) Stop a deportation! (30 min)
One of our Teachers has a high school student who is currently facing deportation and he wants to fight it. He will becoming to this week's meeting to tell us more about his situation and discuss what we can do. Come out to help kick off an anti-deportation campaign.

2) Seattle SlutWalk  (30 min)

Seattle SlutWalk is happening on June 19, it's an anti-sexist march and rally "to show that, no matter what you're wearing, no one deserves to be raped, assaulted, or harassed" and it's looking to be huge! Liz will give us the rundown on what it's all about, how we can build for it and plans for the day of.

Read coverage & debates about SlutWalk at socialistworker.org:
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3) Socialism updates (30 min)
Last week we went around the room and discussed who we were inviting to Socialism 2011. This week we'll update each other on how those conversations have been going.

4) Branch Business (20 mins)
We'll vote on where to meet for the summer and discuss other branch business.