6/22: The nature of revolutions

Hi all, Just a reminder that this will be our last meeting before the Socialism 2011 Conference in Chicago. We will not have a meeting next Wed June 29 so people can take that last week to relax and focus on reading before we travel to Chicago.

Ok, on to this week's agenda....

1) ISR article Discussion: The Nature of Revolutions (45 min)
We will discuss Duncan Hallas' article from the current International Socialist Review on the The nature of revolutions. It's from a speech delivered in 1998, but incredibly relevant in today's context, looking at revolutions historically and drawing out the implications for revolutionary organization. Should be a great piece to get our wheels turning for discussions at the conference.

2) Socialism Conference Workshop Discussion -- Small group breakouts (45 min)
We'll get into small groups and discuss which workshops we'd like to go and brainstorm things we'd like to read in preparation. Groups can also discuss any ideas/proposals for a session they think the entire branch should attend together.