11/20: Teach-In: The Case for Socialist Revolution

The Case for
Socialist Revolution 
A Serious Crisis Demands Serious Ideas

Sat Nov 20, 1-7pm
UW Savery Hall
Rm. 264

Join us for a full day of discussion on the topic of mass democratic revolution. Featuring three engaging talks by contemporary Marxists and members of the ISO along with participatory workshop-style discussions.

1pm  Registration
Can the Working Class Change Society?

What Do Socialists Say About the State?
What Kind of Organization Do We Need?
The Theory of the Revolutionary Party

Followed by Dinner at Shultzy's
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Ahmed Shawkiauthor of Black Liberation and Socialism and editor of the International Socialist Review  Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of Marxism and Leela Yellesetty, Seattle ISO member and frequent contributor to socialistworker.org