11/17 Reform or Revolution: Can Capitalism be Fixed?

Wed 11/17 at 7pm
Savery 139

The scale of the Economic and Environmental crises demand swift and deep changes to the social, political and economic system in this country and around the world. 

Many hoped that the Obama administration would begin to fix these problems, but instead politicians have listened to the demands of Wall Street over Main Street. This begs the question: can we rely on politicians to operate with our interests in mind? Can we reform the worst aspects of our economic system to make it more people friendly? Will workers and students ever be given equal representation to corporations and the wealthy? Can we vote into office better politicians, or does the entire political system need to be replaced a more democratic, socialist society? Can reforms struggles today be the building blocks to more systemic changes in the future?

Come Join the UW International Socialist Organization as we discuss why Capitalism ultimately can’t be reformed into a more just, sane society and why the struggle for reforms today can lead to revolutionary changes and a socialist society.