11/2: Election Night Watching Party

Gather around the TV with the UW-ISO as we watch election night returns on the national and local election. In person live analysis and discussion of the results (fueled by adult beverages) will be had all evening. 

Will the Republicans take control of congress? Will I-1098 pass here in Washington? What will this all mean the fight for economic, social and political justice in the U.S. and here in Seattle?

Tuesday November 2nd, 7pm

Check out Socialist Worker online for a great analysis on the myths that are being spread by the media about what this election signifies:

The myths they'll spin about Election 2010

SocialistWorker.org examines some of the factors in the election and what they tell us about U.S. politics--inside the Beltway and outside it.
Some light snacks and a small selection of drinks will be provided. Please help by bringing some drinks and snacks if you can.