3/18 Is the US Headed Towards Socialism?

Wednesday, March 18th, 7:00pm
Seattle Central Comm. College, Room 4115

"We're All Socialists Now" exclaimed a troubled Newsweek Magazine recently, and "Communism" has once again become the tired old rallying cry of the GOP.

From expanding Welfare, unemployment and healthcare to bailing out homeowners and placing salary caps on CEOs, Obama's recent budget proposal and $787 billion stimulus package certainly signals a huge shift in Washington. But do these reforms signal a move towards Socialism in the US? Unfortunately, they do not, but any socialist should welcome the public attention the ideas of Marx are getting! Expanding social services will be a huge relief millions of working and poor Americans, they will leave the role of private corporations unchecked and, according to many liberal economists, Obama's reforms do not go nearly far enough.

Join the ISO for a discussion about where the US economy is headed, what Obama's reforms mean for the future of capitalism and what "Socialism" actually means to the people to who fight FOR it, not against it.