4/8 ISO Meeting @ the UW

ISO Meeting @ the UW -- Wednesday, April 8th @ 7:00pm
UW School of Social Work, room 026

1. The Origins of Gay Oppression from a Marxist Perspective: 60 min
This will be a political preperation for our meeting the following week with Sherry Wolf: From Stonewall to Prop 8: History, Theory and Politics of LGBT Liberation. Please see the reading list below

2. ISO meetings with Sherry Wolf -- Final Details: 25 min

3. Setting up our Seattle branch/changing roles: 25 min
The ISO is growing -- we just formed a new SCCC student branch. Join us for a discussion about how we want to set up the group at UW as well as what we are involved in on and off campus.

4. Announcements: 10 min

Readings for Gay Oppression discussion, in order of priority:

Selected articles and video by Sherry Wolf -- listed in the post above
If you have read the above article, check out these

Class Divisions in the Gay Community, by Peter Morgan

Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: A New Strategic Vision For All Our Families and Relationships

Reinventing a Queer Left, by Peter Drucker

Socialism and Homosexuality
, by Thomas Harrison

Journal: Gay Left, a British socialist journal produced by gay men in 1975-1980 (PDFs of issues available online)