4/29 Marx is Back, and local organizing

Join us Wed 4/29 7-9pm room 026 at the UW School for Social Work (corner of 15th N.E. and N.E. 41st) 

1. MARX IS BACK -- Preliminary Discussion to prepare for upcoming meeting with Todd Chretien (5/13)  (1hour) 
They said that Marx was dead--that capitalism had triumphed. Then came the realities of globalization. Then came endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then came the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Now, Marx's ideas seem to explain the world a lot better than what you see on Fox News. 

But Marx also predicted that the inequalities of capitalism would give rise to resistance. And we've only just begun to see the emergence of a new generation of struggles, from the protests for immigrant rights, to the factory occupations of workers in Chicago, to the massive outpouring of solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestine.  Socialists believe that these struggles can be joined to fight for a different type of society--one in which greed, inequality and war are replaced with solidarity and justice. Come to a discussion of Marx's ideas and how they apply to today and then get involved in helping us to build a socialist movement! As Marx himself said, "philosophers have only interpreted the world, the point is to change it!"  

We will start by watching/listening to a video talk "Marx is Back" by Ashley Smith -- A member of the ISO, Ashley Smith is on the editorial board of the International Socialist Review  and has written for left-wing publications such as CounterPunchDissident Voice, Socialist Worker , and ZNet

Then we will have time for discussion. To further the discussion check out the Socialist Worker's three-part series of articles on Karl Marx and his contribution to the socialist tradition by Brian Jones

Part 1 - The Return of Marx

Part 2 -
Marx becomes a Marxist
Part 3 - 
Marx's vision of Socialism

2. Local Organizing (50 mins)
We will be having a discussion on our local organizing in seattle, and how we want to allocate our resources to different struggles given the current political climate. 

3. May Day Plans (10 mins) 
Friday is May Day we will be participating in the 9th annual May day March - Rally 3:30pm, March 4pm. Gathering at St. Mary’s Church, 611 20th Ave S. The demands are: A Call to President Obama and our representatives to  RENEW JUSTICE AND RESTORE ALL RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE! • Employee Free Choice • For A People’s Economy • Health Care for All • End to the War in Iraq • Moratorium on Raids & Detentions •

After the March the ISO is hosting a Concert with revolutionary Hip Hop artist Son of Nun to raise money for our Socialism 2009 Conference - Check out the post for more info and respond to the Facebook Event