2/9: US Out of the Middle East! A History of US Support for Dictator in Egypt & Beyond

Wed. at 7pm, UW
 Savery Hall  Room 155

AN UNPRECEDENTED POPULAR REVOLT HAS GRIPPED THE ARAB WORLD. US political leaders now claim to be in support of the movements for democracy in these countries. Yet for years they backed these same dictators to the hilt. Egypt alone received an average of $2 billion per year in military aid over the past three decades of Mubarak’s rule, making it the second largest recipient of US aid in the world after Israel. Even after millions of Egyptians took to the streets, our country has failed to cut off this aid.

Come to this forum to learn more about Washington’s spotty record of supporting democracy and discuss how we can organize to support the people of the Middle East fighting for real democratic control free of US interference

Read more: Nicole Colson and Alan Maass report on how Hosni Mubarak has been able to rely on support from the U.S. government to maintain his iron grip on power. END U.S. SUPPORT FOR EGYPT'S DICTATORSHIP and Eric Ruder on Egypt, Israel, and the U.S.: From Nasserism to collaboration