Egyptian Army not to use force - General Strike on Tuesday

Al-Jazeera is reporting that the Egyptian Army has vowed not to use force against Demonstrators. This is a decisive moment for the revolt. Tomorrow activists are calling for a "march of millions" in Cairo, and a national general strike. The demonstrators plan to march to President Mubarak's residence in what will likely be a pivotal showdown between the protesters and the regime. To quote Leon Trotsky, one of the leaders of the Russian revolution (and someone who might know a little about this):

'There is no doubt that the fate of every revolution at a certain point is decided by a break in the disposition of the army. Against a numerous,  disciplined, well-armed and ably led military force, unarmed or almost unarmed masses of the people cannot possibly gain a victory'.

Another exciting development from Egypt's trade union movement, which had been driven underground by the Mubarak regime. The new Federation of Egyptian Trade unions issued this statement in support of the revolt and announcing "the organization of the new Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions and to announce the formation of committees in all factories and enterprises to protect, defend them and to set a date for a general strike".

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