Comment: How Haiti was Abandoned

One of hundreds of thousands of homeless families still living 
amid the rubble in Port-au-PrinceYesterday marked the one year anniversary of the Haitian earthquake - here a couple good articles to read

By every measure, the U.S. and other powers, the United Nations and NGOs have failed the Haitian people in the year since the catastrophic earthquake. Ashley Smith describes the broken promises of support for Haiti from the world's most powerful governments--and the neoliberal agenda they are pursuing instead.... Read the full article at socialistworker.org

Comment: Jesse Hagopian
A year after the earthquake, Haiti still needs help
A year after a 7.0 earthquake devastated Haiti, much of the pledged assistance still has not reached the Haitian people. Earthquake survivor Jesse Hagopian writes about what still needs to be done...  Read the full article at seattletimes.com

For a more in-depth look
at the history of Haiti and Imperialism donwload this PDF packet of articles
NATURAL AND UNNATURAL DISASTERS: How U.S. policy has impoverished and devastated Haiti

Maha-Lilo (or Many Hands, Light Load) is a Seattle-based non-profit organization under Haitian leadership that is working to bring water filters to the tent cities of Port-au-Prince to stop the spread of cholera.  for more info or to donate