Opinion: Privatization of the UW

Danny Westneat's column on privatization, and the UW in last Tuesday's Seattle Times is well worth the read...

Privately, I'm publicly amazed

Seattle Times staff columnist

One of the many things I don't get about politics lately is why we're starting to privatize what's public, yet continuing to pour public resources pell-mell into what ought to be private.

The University of Washington is probably Seattle's greatest publicly owned resource. But it's well on its way to being at least partially privatized — made more exclusive, more expensive, more filled with out-of-staters. All because we say we don't have enough taxpayer money to support it.

I don't blame the UW. What choice does it have? It's either jack tuition to move to more a private-market model for the school, or watch the place go downhill as state money disappears.

Taking the state out of the state college may save it, but it also will definitely change who can afford to go there. The news stories this week said the cost to go to the school already would be 30, 40, 50 percent higher under the partial-privatization model...

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