MLK Day March & Rally

Chanting "Justice for Williams, jail Birk now!" nearly 5000 marchers celebrated Seattle's annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the most appropriate fashion: in the streets, marching for justice. This years rally was especially timely as the inquest into the Police shooting of John T. Williams drags into its second week.

Hundreds came as early as 8:00am to attend workshops at Garfield HS on everything from environmental justice, police accountability and the fight against education "reform", to name a few. By 11am the gym at the Quincy Jones performing arts center on the Garfield campus was standing room only as speakers addressed the political legacy of Dr. King. Many others, unable to get inside the building, listened to the rally broadcast over speakers.

The march made its way through the heart of the central district, to Downtown Seattle, stopping in front of the King County Jail to address the systematic racism at the core of the criminal justice system.

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