On other sites, news roundup

Feds begin review of Seattle Police Department. About F**king time!
The Seattle Times

State Republicans propose cuts to mass transit. Better start saving those transfers.
Seattle Transit Blog

Case study on why we need a bigger Abortion rights movement: Anti-Choice bigots outnumber pro-choice forces at State hearing on "Pregnancy Resource Centers" better known as "Guilt Trip centers".

Oh wait, Israel and the US HAVEN'T been negotiating in good faith. Why hasn't anyone told me? The Palestine papers.
The Guardian

Phyliss Wise doesn't care if you can go to school. UW interim president on making the University UNAFFORDABLE!
The Daily

Say WA? Washington State House budget could increase class sizes, slash 2,000 teaching jobs.
The Stranger

Just for Fun: Gap between rich and poor named 8th wonder of the world.
The Onion