7/27: Study Series Part One -- State and Revolution

Join us this week for the first meeting in our Revolutionary Socialist Summer Study Series

Wed 7-9pm
UW Campus
Parrington Hall, Room 106

Part one: Marxism & the State 
The revolutionary waves sweeping the Middle East and North Africa raises anew the question of the power of the state: what kind of power does it wield, who should control it, and what is the best way to confront and change it? Join us for a two part discussion on the nature of the state and what must be done to create a truly democratic society.

WED July 27: State & Revolution

Marxism and the State - speech by Todd Chretien at Socialism 2011

Main reading:
State & Revolution by Lenin

Supplementary readings:
Socialism & Democracy by Paul LeBlanc (ISR)
The Origin of the Family, Private Property & the State by Engels
Marx & Engels on the Death of the State by Hal Draper

And next up in the series
We have
a Special presentation by the author Donny Gluckstein (visiting from London!) on the world’s first worker's democracy, The Paris Commune -- Check out the details here and pick up his book at any of our meetings