8/3: Donny Gluckstein: Revolt Against Austerity in the UK

750,000 Public Sector workers struck across Britain on June 30th against austerity and cuts imposed by the ruling Conservative Party. In December over 50,000 students demonstrated in London against increased education fees and stormed the ‘Tory’ Party headquarters. Don’t miss this chance to discuss the growing fightback against austerity with one of Britain’s leading Socialists!

Donny Gluckstein is a veteran member of the British Socialist Workers Party, a lecturer in history in Edinburgh, and and author of many books including Marxism and the Trade Union Struggle with Tony Cliff, The Paris Commune: A Revolutionary Democracy, The Nazis, Capitalism and the Working Class, The Tragedy of Bukharin, and The Western Soviets: Workers’ Councils Versus Parliament in 1915-20.