8/17: Recession 2.0 & Veterans, bus riders and womens rights organizing reports

Wed 7-9pm
UW Campus
Parrington Hall, Room 106

1) Recession 2.0?
(30 mins)

Stock prices are once again in freefall following Standard & Poor's downgrade of the US credit rating last week, triggering fears of a double dip recession. Coming on the heels of a "recovery" which has brought nothing but skyrocketing unemployment, foreclosures and budget cuts for ordinary people, what will this latest crisis mean for the working class and US politics in general?

Check out these articles:
What's causing the market mayhem?
Killing off the welfare state
Euro saved at workers' expense

2) Organizing Reports and Discussion
(30 mins each)

Iraq Veterans Against the War convention report-back
Jorge G attended the annual IVAW convention in Portland this last weekend, and he'll give us a report on how it went, plans for IVAW organizing locally, and potentially a discussion on possibilities for antiwar organizing in Seattle

Save Our Metro
The newly-formed Save Our Metro is hitting the streets organizing in opposition to proposed cuts to bus services activists with the campaign will will report on how the organizing's been going, next steps after the car-tab and future plans.

Seattle Clinic Defense
Seattle Clinic Defense has been taking on the Knights of Columbus, supporting planned parenthood and holding book discussion groups. Liz will tell us all about how it's been going.


And Next Week We Continue our Summer Study Series, moving on to discuss Lenin and the Revolutionary Party

WED August 24: Party & Class

Lenin's Theory of the Party by Todd Chretien

Main Reading:
Party & Class (collected essays)

Supplementary Readings:
Marxism and political organization by Elizabeth Schulte
Lenin's Return by Helen Scott, Paul LeBlanc & Lars Lih
Marxism & the Party by John Molynieux