8/31: Jim Crow in Palestine

Wed 8/31 7pm
Eyewitness report from Palestine
UW, Parrington Hall 106

Jesse Hagopian recently returned from the West Bank, Sderot (bordering Gaza), Tel Aviv, and occupied East Jerusalem, where he was part of the first African Heritage delegation to Palestine. The delegation, sponsored by the Interfaith Peace Builders (IFPB), brought African Americans--including several who grew up under Jim Crow segregation--with firsthand experiences of racism in the U.S. to Palestine in order to express solidarity with the struggle for liberation there.  As Israel has again begun bombing Gaza, debates arise about the nature of the mass public housing movement among Israelis, and mass movements in the Middle East continue to reshape the Arab World, come join the International Socialist Organization for this eyewitness account and slide show of apartheid in the holy land--and help organize opposition an alternative. 

Jesse Hagopian, a member of theInternational Socialist Organization, is a public high school teacher in Seattle and a founding member Social EqualityEducators (SEE, a rank-and-file organization of teachers in the Seattle teacher's union). Hagopian serves on the Board of Directors of Maha-Lilo—“Many Hands, Light Load”—a Haiti solidarity organization.  Hiswritings on Palestine, Haiti and in defense of public education have appeared in, The Seattle Times, socialistworker.org, Real Change, Truth Out, TheProgessive.org, Common Dreams, Counter Punch, and BlackAgenda Report.