9/7: Organizing Meeting

Wed 7-9pm 
UW Campus
Parrington Hall,  Room 106

The start of school is fast approaching, So we've pushed the Study group originally scheduled for today back a week to give us time to make some important decisions about our organizing on campus in the fall.  We'll spend the bulk of the meeting discussing Fall UW plans - how do we want to organize, will we have a separate student branch etc. And then we'll have a 30 min section on holding the Northwest Socialist Conference in Portland this year!

And Next Week We'll Continue our Summer Study Series, moving on to discuss Lenin and the Revolutionary Party

WED Sept 14: The Birth of Bolshevism through 1905
The Birth of Bolshevism by Paul D'Amato (ISR)

Main Reading:
Building the Party by Tony Cliff, Ch. 1-12
Lenin and the Revolutionary Party by Paul LeBlanc, Ch. 1-6 

Supplementary Readings 
The Myth of Lenin's Elitism by Paul D'Amato (ISR)
What is Economism? by Duncan Hallas (ISR)
Leninism Under Lenin by Marcel Liebman
Lenin's Political Thought by Neil Harding
Lenin Rediscovered: What is to be Done in Context by Lars Lih