Kevin Coval: "Troy Davis and The Need for (A)New Brigade"

This was written yesterday, before Troy was murdered, but is even more important today. Leave it to a poet to make such a powerful an eloquent call to action. Please read his whole post its beautiful, but here is a teaser:

"because, this is an issue of grand, historic inequity and current injustice, it exists at the intersection of where a new movement can be born. in the radically integrated center of the working class who knows this country is run by and for the wealthy...

WE, the people, know these truths to be self-evident: rich, racists run america. today in 2011, when the country murders a(nother) Black man, whose guilt is at least not beyond a reasonable doubt, we must begin to look for alternatives to the status quo. we must use our resources, not capital and a paid police force, but the collectivity of our mass, our bodies that can organize together. it is all we have and all we need."

Read the whole article here