9/21: Rising Resistance in the US

New figures show that 1 in 6 Americans live in poverty, nearly 50 million have no health insurance and a whole generation is being lost to unemployment.  What is the government’s response?  Obama proposes cutting Medicare and Social Security and the racist Republican freak-show rolls on.  And to top it all off, on September 21, the state of Georgia plans to execute Troy Davis, an innocent African American man, falsely accused of killing a police officer.  Meanwhile, the white cop who the whole world knows murdered Oscar Grant was just released from prison after spending just one year in jail. 
But resistance is finally growing.  Riots in London, general strikes in Greece, mass demonstrations in Spain... and the Arab revolutions continue to expand, even as the U.S. and NATO try to co-opt the Libyan revolt that toppled Ghadafi.  Here at home, Verizon workers struck for two weeks, ILWU members in Washington are fighting to defend union jobs, teachers in Tacoma walked off the job and have defied court injunctions to return to work, and protests against police brutality and the death penalty are spreading.  
Join us as we discuss the current US political situation, what we can expect from working class fightback in the US, and what that means for our organizing this fall.

Wed 9/21 7pm
UW Campus
Parrington Hall,  Room 106