TUES: Metro Transit Cuts Hearings!

The hearings on the Metro Transit cuts are tonight!

Every significant bus route is on the chopping block. Metro is facing a 17% service reduction. Nearly 80% of bus riders will have their route either reduced or eliminated. In a region where half of our greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation these cuts will not only be devastating to our community, but also to our environment.

Join us tonight at the public hearing on the cuts to begin a campaign to demand no cuts to our transit service. Working people didn't create the economic crisis, so why should we pay for Wall St.'s greed?

6-8pm (we'll be getting there at 5:30)
King County Council Chambers, 10th floor
516 Third Avenue (at James)
Seattle, WA 98104

Join us to testify against the cuts, and help sign people up to engage in a grassroots, direct action campaign against any cuts. The hearings are focused on whether or not to adopt a $20 car tab fee to fill the budget gap, but our main focus will be against any cuts. Ultimately, the businesses in King County that depend on their employees being able to get to and from work need to pay for quality, accessible public transit -- not working-class drivers.