7/6: Socialism Conference Report Back & Summer plans

Wed 7/6  7-9pm
Seattle Central Community College, Room 4115

Meeting Agenda:

 1) Socialism 2011 report back (50 min)
This year's Socialism conference was the best yet-- with 1300 people attending from all across the the US and several other countries as well. We heard from those on the front lines of the struggle from Egypt to Wisconsin, and discussed how we can rebuild a fighting revolutionary left in this country. Check out the report-back article in the post below and look for video and audio recordings of the workshops at wearemany.org - there are already a few up with many many more to come in the next few weeks.

We'll have a round robin report from those of us who attended the conference sharing our experience, what were our favorite workshops, what did we learn and how we can apply these lessons to our work here in Seattle in the year to come.

2) SAVE THE DATE: Donny Gluckstein in Seattle! (20 min)
Author of numerous books and longtime member of the British Socialist Workers Party Donny Gluckstein will be in Seattle on vacation this summer and has graciously offered to do a couple meetings with us while he's in town. This will just be a short section to discuss how we want to build for these two meetings:

8/3: The Revolt Against Austerity in Britain
Check out these SW articles on the recent public sector worker's strike there:

8/8: The Paris Commune: A Revolutionary Democracy
For this one be sure and pick up a copy of Gluckstein's book just republished by Haymarket! http://www.haymarketbooks.org/pb/The-Paris-Commune

3) Summer education plans (30 min)
Hopefully people have lots of ideas coming out of the conference! The center is suggesting full branch study groups on Leninism. We can potentially do a couple things as a whole branch as well as smaller groups meeting separately. Let's discuss and vote on what we want to do.