Two ISO Branches!

Exciting changes are afoot in the Seattle ISO. On Wed we voted to split into two branches, a UW student branch and a City branch. We'll still meet together occasionally for bigger educational forums or panels, but our weekly organizing meetings will be separate. We're still figuring out all the logistics of new meeting locations a times, here's what we know for this week:

  • The City branch will meet this Wed 3/23 at 7pm, but we are still working on a location. We'll send an announcement with the location and agenda no later than Tuesday, so be on the lookout for that.
  • The UW students have spring break this week upcoming, so won't be meeting. We'll resume meeting the following Wed 3/30, at which time we'll vote on a regular meeting time and place. We'll send an announcement with the location and agenda once we get back from spring break!