3/9: No to U.S. intervention in Libya & committee break outs

Wed. at 7pm 
in Savery Hall Room 155

1. No to U.S. intervention in Libya
For the first half of this week's meeting we'll discuss whats been happening in Libya and make the case for no US or international intervention.
 U.S. intervention would not save the Libyan people from Qaddafi--a dictator that Washington had learned to live with. Instead, it would become the means through which U.S. imperial control and influence would be strengthened in a country with vast oil wealth and--considering its location next to two countries, Egypt and Tunisia, that have experienced revolutions since the start of the year--great geopolitical importance.
Come discuss these important world developments -- and check out some of the below coverage and opinion from Socialistworker.org
  • With the war between the Qaddafi regime and rebels growing bloodier by the day, the U.S. is threatening to unleash its military machine. March 4, 2011
  • A veteran socialist and author imagines dictator Muammar el-Qaddafi's speech on his long-awaited "day of departure."March 3, 2011
  • The calls for "humanitarian intervention" in Libya have nothing to do with rescuing Libyans, who are proving quite capable of rescuing themselves. March 3, 2011

The Workers World Party and Party for Socialism and Liberation have refused to stand with the Libyan people in their revolt against a dictator. 

2. Committee Break Outs 
for the 2nd hour of the meeting we'll break out into our campus and off-campus committees to discuss organizing we are doing at UW and in the broader Seattle community. 

UW folks are wrapping up the quarter an planning for the spring, including organizing  a mid-east solidarity committee; and in Seattle we're working on Abortion clinic defense, anti-police brutality work, and Union organizing.

Join the discussion and organizing, this is a great time to get involved!