3/3 - Eyewitness to the Class War in Wisconsin: the Working-Class Fights Back Against Austerity

Re-Scheduled from 2/23 which was canceled due to inclement weather
For weeks now, hundreds of thousands of union members, students, workers, and supporters have rallied outside the Wisconsin State Capitol building in Madison while thousands have occupied the inside of the building, all in opposition to the draconian anti-union legislation put forward by Republican Governor Scott "Pharaoh of the Midwest" Walker. 

Walker's bill would end state employee's collective bargaining for anything other than wages; limit wage increases to the CPI; end the automatic payment of union dues and compel unions to hold votes each year to re-certify their status as bargaining units; as well as force public employees to significantly increase their share of health insurance and pensions.

If Walker and the Republicans win, it would devastate, if not kill, public sector unions in Wisconsin and open the door to similar scorched earth assaults on unions around the U.S. The Wisconsin unions are fighting on behalf of the entire U.S. working class. And following closely on the heels of the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, this is showing to students and non-union workers everywhere that the organized working class has the power to stand up to bosses and politicians who are set on making US pay for THEIR economic crisis.

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crucial discussion
Thurs 3/3 7pm
University of Washington
Room 216 Denny Hall (map)

Featuring: Dan Trocolli
a Seattle teacher & participant in Saturday’s 100,000 person march in Madison, WI.

Dan, a founding member of Seattle Equality Educators a rank-and-file caucus within the Seattle Education Association, will sepak about his experience at this past weekend’s massive march in Madison as well as the attacks on unions and the broader cuts to social services in Washington State.

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The war for our rights in Wisconsin
A collection of eyewitness reports from the fight in Madison, along with articles that set out the background to this crucial struggle.