Seattle Abortion Clinic Defense update

Sunday's clinic defense meeting was a great start to a new network of folks who feel that clinic action is both badly needed and exciting If you're interested in getting involved join the google group (for email updates) and/or facebook group for info on future meetings and actions

Informational picket outside of Life Choices Pregnancy Clinic

When: Saturday, March 19 at noon
Where: Life Choices Pregnancy Center at 4719 University Way between 47th and 50th on the Ave
Why: Because CPCs bully and intimidate women out of receiving comprehensive reproductive care and in support of WA State legislature that would regulate these centers. 
You can read more about crisis pregnancy centers (CPC) at cpcwatch.org.

And check out the following articles from Socialistworker.org

The Republican Party is leading an all-out attack on women's right to choose at the federal level and in the states. But a resistance is stirring
For two days, the pro-choice community in Denton, Texas, verbally combated the racism and misogyny of the anti-choice bigots.
Some 40 protesters, many of them students, turned out to protest an anti-abortion "crisis pregnancy center" in Greensboro, N.C.
The anti-choice deception

So-called "crisis pregnancy centers" prey on women looking for options--in order to bully and terrorize them against having an abortion.