3/23: City Branch Meeting

This wed we'll have our first City Branch meeting, we'll be meeting at UW this week while until we work out a new location for our City Branch...

Wed 3/23 7pm
UW Savery Hall 155


1) No nukes! (40 min)
The nuclear power nightmare in Japan has experts making comparisons to the Chernobyl catastrophe 25 years ago-- and highlights the impossibility of "safe" nuclear power. This crisis offers an urgent opportunity to rebuild a movement to demand real clean energy alternatives. Let's discuss what's happening in Japan and what we can do in Seattle!

To read: The risks of nuclear roulette
Growing worse by the hour

2) Organizing
2011 is only 3 months in, but already we know it will go down as the year that marked the return of class struggle and revolution. In this context, more and more people are open to socialist ideas about how to change the world. Let's talk about how the new community branch can reach outward in this period and grow. We'll also elect leadership for the new branch.