3/16: Organizing meeting: Abortion rights, actions to defend collective bargaining &Two Branches!

1) The All-out War on Women
(40 min)
This will be a political discussion on the latest attacks on funding of Planned Parenthood and various despicable state-level bills being pushed, as well as an update on the new Seattle Clinic Defense network

Some articles to read

2) Discussion and vote on splitting the branch (30 min)
We've grown a lot in this last year and have been discussing for the past month whether to split into two Seattle branches -- a student led branch at UW and a community branch that would meet elsewhere in the city. We'll wrap up the discussion and take a vote on the proposal. Then, if it passes,we'll be breaking out in the next section into our new branches rather than just committees!

3) Breakouts
 (40 min)
We'll break out into new branches or sub-committees (depending on the above vote) and discuss our organizing on and off campus. There are many very important campaigns afoot from abortion rights to police brutality and as the Wisconsin solidarity movement is morphing into a larger national struggle to defend collective bargaining rights. There are actions at the capitol in Olympia as well as cross boarder solidarity actions happening at Peace Arch at the Canada WA border to begin planing for.

4) Announcements (10 min)