6/1 City Branch meeting

Wed 6/1 7pm
SCCC room 4115

1) Recent developments in the Middle East (40)

Join us to discuss the latest developments in the ongoing revolt and repression across the region with blogger extraordinaire JustJennifer! She has been following these events closely and helping get the word out from activists on the ground through the Eyes on Egypt and the Region group on DailyKos.

Read more analysis at Socialist Worker and the International Socialist Review:
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Hypocrisy, ideology, and imperialism

2) Socialism Conference (30)

Socialism 2011 will be the biggest gathering of the revolutionary left in this country and it's only about a month away! There is a huge opening to revolutionary politics right now, with people eager to discuss politics and get active! We'll discuss how our group is doing in ptrparing for the conference -- who we're talking to and how we're going to get them to the best political event of the year!  Check out the great article by Sherry Wolf on the conference just below this post -- and here's the promo video:

Socialism 2011 - Revolution in the Air from International Socialist on Vimeo.

3) Fundraising (30)

Following off the last point, it will take money to ensure that everyone who wants to go to the conference can. We will distribute fundraising letters, vote on a proposal to make bumper stickers, and split up to discuss plans for our upcoming garage sale and trivia night!

4) Announcements (10)