5/26: Panel: From WI to WA: How Can We Stop the War on Workers?

A Panel of Labor Activists Speak Out

7pm Thurs May 26th
Seattle Labor Temple
(2800 1st Ave, Seattle 98121)

The corporate elite and politicians have decided that workers, students, and the poor will pay for the economic crisis. Instead of taxing the rich and corporations, they’re using huge deficits as an excuse to attack workers’ rights and living standards.

But the massive uprising of workers in Wisconsin showed the potential to reverse this vicious assault. A mass sick-out–a strike–of teachers led to a weeks-long occupation of the capitol building and the largest labor rallies that this country has seen in decades.

Here in Washington, the state legislature is about to decide on $5 billion in cuts–most to be paid by teachers, students, public sector unions, the poor and the old. Yet several of the richest people in the world live in this state.

How can workers organize and fight? What struggles is labor currently waging?

Rodolfo Franco: President, Washington Federation of State Employees Local 304
Lee Newgent: Executive Secretary, Seattle Building & Construction Trades Council
Terri Mast: Secretary-Treasurer, Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific representing state ferry workers
Steve Garey: President, United Steel Workers Local 12-591
Dan Troccoli: Seattle Education Association and Seattle Equality Educators, eyewitness to Wisconsin revolt

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