5/18: City Branch Organizing meeting

Wed 5/18
7pm SCCC room 4115

 1) Social Equality Educators  (40 mins)
Our members have been doing really important work in the Seattle teacher's union for the last several years and it is really starting to pay off. This coming week they're holding a forum on racial equity in education as well as a protest to school Chase bank. Hear about how this work is going, how we can help, and next steps. 

2) Socialism 2011 Conference  (30 min)
Chris will report back from the national conference call and next steps here in Seattle to build for Socialism 2011! Bring your ideas and think big for how we can win our closest contacts and allies to attending, publicize this far and wide, and fundraise to make sure everyone can make it.

3) Website changes - (30 min)
This will be the chance for the branch to weigh in a new design for the Seattle ISO website-- how do we want to promote and project ourselves online and any ideas and feedback.

4) Announcements (10 min)