May Day March and Rally for IMMIGRANT AND WORKER RIGHTS!

Join us for the 2011 annual May Day March and Rally for Immigrant and Workers Rights!

12pm Sunday 5/1

Judkins Park
Wear a Red Shirt!

20th st and Weller st off of Jackson (St Mary's Cathedral)

Meet at 12 at Judkins Park and march to March  to a rally at Memorial Stadium, Sattle Center

1) An immediate legalization of status for everyone;

2) Respect our immigrant communities -- Stop the repression;

3) An immediate cease to the 287 (G), E-verify programs and secure communities program;

4) An immediate end of programs that break families apart, end to the dragnet raids and deportations en masse.

5) An immediate end to subsidies for detention centers

6) The right to educational access to all students

7) Stop the repression of trade unions; we demand freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

March with the ISO in the Anti-capitalist contingent:
This year we have seen the true nature of Capitalism:

  • massive cuts to education and social services
  • attacks on women’s rights
  • The continuation of imperialist wars
  • deportations and harassment of immigrants
  • layoffs and school closings in working class neighborhoods
May Day is our holiday and the commemoration of our struggle. Justice for all people! If you are fed up, march with us!

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Anti-Capitalist contingent by: Black Orchid Collective, Seattle Solidarity Network, Autonomia Social Center, Red Spark Collective, Seattle ISO