11/4 Picket and Protest CIA Recruitment on Campus

Following up on demilitarization campaigns last Spring, FaDU, Democracy Insurgent, ISO, and Campus Anti-War network are supporting this picket of a CIA recruiting session on campus. The CIA is holding a recruitment session in Smith Hall (room 115) at 3:30pm on Nov. 4th in.  Let’s show up in force and let them know that undemocratic institutions like the CIA aren’t welcome on our campus!

Picket and Protest CIA
Recruitment on Campus:
Wed., November 4th, 3:15
Outside Smith Hall, UW campus

The CIA meeting was originally planned to be held on the 4th floor of Smith Hall, which is home to the Geography Department.  However, an outcry from Geography students and faculty got the meeting moved out of the department. But the CIA is still here!  Let’s keep up the pressure and get them out of our university altogether!  Join us for the protest! Some folks will be showing up in the Resource Center (sub-basement of the HUB, room 13) at 2:45 on Wednesday to make posters and signs.  Come along and help us out!

Why Protest?
The CIA has a long history of violently suppressing democratic movements throughout the developing world in an effort to expand U.S. empire. The CIA on campus and in departments creates real danger for those of us researching in the field, and for our 3rd World Colleagues.  We cannot contribute to these real and deadly risks to academics and people we work with, or to occupations and wars that indiscriminately kill civilians.

For More Info Contact:
Democracy Insurgent d.insurg@gmail.com
For a Democratic University faduni@gmail.com
International Socialist Org. isouw@uw.edu
Campus Antiwar Network uwcan@uw.edu