11/13 Water & Justice in Israel/Palestine

The ISO is one of the sponsoring organizations for Friday's Event with Susan Koppelman

Water & Justice
in Israel/Palestine
Friday, November 13 6:00pm
Tompson 101, UW Seattle

Join us for a talk on Water in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, followed by Q&A.Palestinians are facing a water crisis due to Israeli policies. What are the UN, international NGOs and Palestinian authorities doing to uphold Palestinians’ human right to water?  What can we do? Susan will be discussing the worsening humanitarian situation, show two short documentaries, and discuss non-violent strategies to ensure respect for Palestinians’ fundamental human rights.

Susan Koppelman is a water rights advocate and a UW School of Social Work & Evans School graduate

Sponsored by:
ASUW | Campus Antiwar Network | Students for Justice in Palestine | Jewish voice for Peace | Palestine Solidarity | International Socialist Organization | Democracy Insurgent

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