11/14 Referendum 71 Victory Rally!

Come Celebrate A Victory for the LGBT Movement
Westlake Center

Saturday, November 14th, 12-1:30 pm


Thanks to the community for making history this election day. 31 states have tried to win marriage equality on the ballot and 31 states have lost. We became the first state in the country to put legal protections for same-sex couples and the ballot… AND WE WON. Now it’s time to celebrate our historic victory. 

We also mourn the loss of Question 1 in Maine 
and want to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Maine, as others around the country have shown solidarity with our victory here.

MC’d by Aleksa Manila; Featured speaker: Lt. Dan Choi. Also featuring Marsha Botzer, Eduardo Brambila, Josh Castle, members of the Approve 71 Campaign and LGBT couples whose rights we defended! 

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Come show your support and celebrate on Saturday, November 14 at 12:00 PM!

Sponsored by:
Seattle Gay News, UW Students Organizing for LGBT Equality (S.O.L.E.), Join the Impact, Pride at Work, Seattle Out Protest, International Socialist Organization Seattle, SU Triangle Club, Washington Marriage Alliance