NW Socialist Conference Nov 7-8 UW Seattle

2009 Northwest Socialist Conference

November 7-8

University of Washington, Seattle

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Sponsored by International Socialist Organization Seattle and Portland branches,  Socialist Worker, Haymarket Books and the International Socialist Review

Capitalism isn't working. Socialism is the alternative—a world organized for human need, not profit, where resources are controlled by and for the vast majority, instead of by a tiny rich minority. Real change depends on struggle and action by our side.

The Northwest Socialist Conference is one of six regional socialist conferences nationwide that are dedicated to arming a new generation of rebels, activists and organizers with arguments and ideas for a revolutionary socialist alternative, learning our history of rebellion and resistance, and discussing strategies for building organization and winning struggles for real change.


Sherry Wolf

Participate in the LGBT Equality Rally with Sherry Wolf & Northwest LGBT activists, & discuss strategies for liberation at her Workshop on the new book Sexuality and Socialism.

Sherry Wolf is the author of Sexuality and Socialism (Haymarket 2009), associate editor of the International Socialist Review and a  National Equality March speaker and Steering Committee member. She is a leading member of the International Socialist Organization.

Workshop topics include:
How Can Socialism Liberate the Oppressed? • The Democrats: A Critical History • From Crash to Recovery? The Economic Crisis Today • Imperialism in the Obama Era • Sexuality and Socialism Why We Need a Revolutionary Party • Capitalism and the Ecological Crisis • Socialists and the Trade Union Movement • The Future Socialist Society • A People's History of Seattle • and much, much more!

Plus, Radical Book Fair featuring Haymarket Books!  Preview Haymarket Books' new and forecoming releases.  Haymarket Books has provided critical and timely theory, history and debate to the Left for over ten years.

Conference registration is $20-50 sliding scale, Pre-Register online at nwsocialistconference.org or at any ISO meeting or event.

For local information please contact nwconference@seattleiso.org or click seattleiso.org or portlandsocialists.org to connect with your local ISO branch.