UW 4/13: The Case for Socialism

Are you fed up with Endless War? Budget Cuts?
Racism? Homophobia? Sexism?
Environmental destruction?
Islamophobia? Corporate greed?

All of the above?
Then come to the UW branch's Case for Socialism meeting
Wednesday, April 13th 6pm
UW, Savery Hall 157

With revolution sweeping the middle east and the labor struggle in Wisconsin building steam, discussing and organizing around socialist politics is imperative for building a radical alternative to Capitalism and all the problems born from it.

Socialism is based on the idea that we should use the vast resources of society to meet people's needs. If people are hungry, they should be fed; if people are homeless, we should build homes for them; if people are sick, the best medical care should be available to them. Socialism would take the wealth of the rich which was gained through the exploitation of the workers and use it to meet the basic needs of all society. Instead of a society based on meeting the needs of the people, we have been through years of war for oil and empire, decades of rollbacks on worker's wages and living-standards, attacks on civil rights and women's rights, cuts in health-care, and more. On top of this, the most recent economic crisis has ushered in a new age of austerity where the collapse caused by the wealthy is being shoveled off onto the backs of the working class.

Come to this forum to participate in a discussion on how we can organize society without war and racism, a society based on human need instead of corporate greed.