4/21-23 Common Spaces NW

Join us at UW's own "Left Forum" Common Spaces Northwest
April 21-23rd at UW

Common Spaces Northwest began from an idea: what sort of incredible fusion of prowess and flowering of community can happen if we just got people together to talk? What kind of concepts or changes can we inspire? So often the barriers between activism, theory, and feeling are so high–Common Spaces Northwest seeks to bring them down and open this conversation to everyone who wants to participate, everyone who’s concerned with these problems. Join us this weekend at Common Spaces NW and get this conversation started!

The ISO is sponsoring three workshops:
  • Capitalism in Crisis; The Case for Socialism, Friday 3:30-5:30PM, Gould 440 Facebook Event
  • How Capitalism Works & How it Doesn't: A Marxist Primer on the Great Recession, Friday 5:30-7:30 Gould 440  Facebook Event
  • The 1919 Seattle General Strike: Lessons for Today, Saturday 3-5PM, Gould 440  Facebook Event
Check out the full schedule at www.commonspacesnw.org