4/6: City Branch Meeting: Spring of the Egyptian Revolution

The city branch is still finalizing a permanent meeting location (hopefully on capitol hill), so we'll be at UW again this week

Wed 4/6 7pm
UW, Parrington Hall Room 106

1. Spring of the Egyptian Revolution - 50 mins

The downfall of Hosni Mubarak was an historic achievement, but the revolutionary process in Egypt is ongoing. We'll watch a speech from the Left Forum given by Mostafa Omar, an Egyptian-American activist who reported from Cairo during February's revolutionary upheavals.

Join us to watch the speech and then for a discussion about what's unfolding in Egypt, the dynamics of revolutions in general and the role of revolutionaries as well as the implications and lessons for the struggles unfolding across the middle east right now.

After our political discussion we'll have time for organizing
2. Organizing - 50 mins
We've just achieved one of our long-term goals, splitting into two branches (a city and a UW student branch)! Join us the new City branch as we discusses new goals and vote on the priorities for our organizing.