4/28 Heather Rogers - Green Gone Wrong

4/28 Green Gone Wrong
A Public Forum and Discussion with

Heather Rogers
Journalist and Author of the new book
GREEN GONE WRONG: How Our Economy Is Undermining the Environmental Revolution
7pm, Thomson 101 (Click for map)

As consumers take environmentalism into their own hands, a dynamic green marketplace has exploded in the West: the trade in organic food has continued its surge despite the economic downturn; hybrid automobiles and biofuels are now in full production; and an increasing number of companies offer the service of neutralizing consumers’ CO2 emissions.

Implicit in these efforts at “going green” is the promise that global warming can be stopped by swapping out dirty products for “clean” ones, with little disruption to daily life. But can earth-friendly goods really save the planet?

To piece together a global picture of a global problem, Rogers reports from places including Detroit, Paraguay and Indonesian Borneo. Come discuss the realities behind the products and practices that pledge to remedy our environmental woes and hear what’s happening in the name of today’s environmentalism.

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Heather Rogers is a journalist and author. She has written for The New York Times Magazine, Mother Jones, and The Nation. Her first book, "Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage", traces the history and politics of household rubbish in the United States.